tarik sits bottom of Valorant Pro City 10-man ranking

Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Things aren’t going so smoothly for Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik in his Pro City Valorant server as the Sentinels streamer and content creator is at the very bottom of the standings.

Earlier in January, tarik rolled up his sleeves and created his own 10-man Discord server where top players can be matched up against each other in private games.

The creation of this lobby, called Pro City, came in response to a wave of complaints from high-level professional players and content creators about the increasing number of ranked matches being ruined by crypto betting.

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tarik floated the idea of creating a high elo Discord server on January 7, with several professional players immediately expressing their support. And the response from the general Valorant community, a few days into the project, has also been overwhelmingly positive.

Pro City already features over 100 players, including some of the biggest names in North American Valorant. The overall sentiment seems to be that these games are more enjoyable than ranked matches as everyone seems to be playing more seriously, making for a better experience for both players and viewers.

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tarik at the bottom of Pro City ranking

But, it’s safe to say that things have been rocky for Pro City’s own creator inside the game. tarik sits at the very bottom of the server’s MMR leaderboard (785) after winning just 11 of the 30 games he has played.

“Thank God I’m lagging, I have an excuse” tarik said, laughing, after a loss. “I hope I’m lagging.

“If I hit 500 elo I remove myself, straight up. You guys keep doing what you’re doing, then I’m f**king out.”

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FaZe player Quan ‘dicey’ Tran is currently the highest-ranked player in Pro City with an MMR of 1364, followed by Mike ‘sharky’ Gariti and The Guard’s Michael ‘neT’ Bernet, both with 1194.

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