tarik defends TenZ from criticism after Sentinels lose to NRG in VCT Americas

tarik and Tenz are both signed to SentinelsRiot Games

Sentinels were handed a decisive 2-0 loss by NRG Esports in VCT Americas with Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo, in particular, having a rough showing. While co-streaming the match, Sentinels content creator Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik defended the player from criticism.

After a few days of trash talk and hype, NRG and Sentinels clashed in what ultimately ended up being a one-sided affair with NRG winning 2-0. Sentinels put up a fight on the first map, Lotus, losing 13-10 but quickly lost the second, only winning two rounds on Icebox.

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After co-streaming the match, Sentinels creator tarik watched the organization’s and players’ reactions on Twitter. He came to TenZ’s defense after seeing the young Valorant star take the loss hard.

“All good dude. It be that way sometime bro,” tarik said after reading the tweet. “I know he’s catching a lot of flak right now. But it’s all good, It’s just one match. There are still lots of games to go.”

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tarik talks up TenZ after Sentinels loss

In the match against NRG, TenZ finished with a 13/30 Kill/Death scoreline and a negative first-kill-to-first-death ratio across both maps.

The loss puts Sentinels at a 1-1 record and at 1-2 through the entire year as the squad lost in the first round at VCT LOCK//IN against Fnatic.

The team has been going through some growing pains lately as Sentinels have instituted some role swaps and have had some issues outside of the server, like dealing with the fallout of their substitute Hunter ‘SicK’ Mims’s arrest and release from jail.

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Fans, and tarik, will get to see if Sentinels can right the ship in their upcoming games as the team is set to take on Leviatán on April 16. The squad has seven more matches in the regular season to qualify for Playoffs and a shot at VCT Masters Tokyo.

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