Summit1g carries his team to victory in triumphant return to Valorant

Summit1g/Riot Games

Summit1g has returned to Valorant, and ended up carrying his team in the first competitive game he played in months.

Streamer Summit1g hadn’t played Valorant for months before returning to the game in late February 2022.

He’s determined to pull himself out of his current Platinum rank — and got a pretty good start on day one.

“‘Haha Plat Summit’ yo man come on…”

After some ribbing from chat about only being ranked Platinum, the former CSGO pro went into his first ranked match in months like he hadn’t missed a beat.

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Playing as KAY/O, the streamer was constantly baiting the enemy team, and scoring cheeky kills. However, this didn’t stop his opponents from going up 11-7 at one point.

In dire straights, Summit turned on the gas and managed to lead his team to tie the match up at 11-11.

Summit had almost double the elims of his next closest teammate.

That would be as far as the enemy team got though, with the streamer’s team coming together to close things out.

As the cherry on top, Summit1g ended up getting the last kill of the match with a on-point Operator shot. Not too bad for his first game back in months.

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