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Skadoodle reveals why he’s not playing for T1 in Pop Flash

Published: 25/Aug/2020 1:56 Updated: 26/Aug/2020 3:05

by Andrew Amos


August 25 update (7:00pm PT): T1 have announced that academy player Daniel ‘eeiu’ Vucenovic will step in for Skadoodle in this weekend’s Pop Flash. It’s unclear if he will stay on the roster after the tournament if Skadoodle doesn’t return.

Earlier: Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham will continue to ride the bench for T1’s Valorant roster in this weekend’s upcoming Pop Flash invitational, saying he made the decision to step back and “expand [his] agent pool.”

Skadoodle was noticeably absent for T1 in the Pittsburgh Knights Gauntlet on August 16. The Sage specialist was benched, with the star-studded NA roster opting to play with coach Daniel ‘fRoD’ Montaner.

This led to speculation about Ska’s future on the T1 roster. While the CS:GO major winner stayed silent for the most part, ahead of the next Valorant Igntion Series event ⁠— Pop Flash ⁠— the star confirmed he won’t be lining up for T1 yet again.

Ska standing in front of T1 logo
Twitter: T1
Skadoodle was benched for the Pittsburgh Knights Gauntlet. He will not be making his return at Pop Flash, stating he will instead be working on his agent pool.

“As you may have noticed, I haven’t been playing with the squad in competitions, and again won’t be competing in this weekend’s event,” Ska confirmed on August 24.

Skadoodle has typically been locked onto Sage for T1, with no real flexibility off the healer. However, with the Operator meta moving towards picking duelists like Jett or even Reyna, who can get a pick and then quickly move away, Ska’s passive style has fallen out of favor.

To help bring more power to the team, Ska is stepping back to work on his agent pool. “I have been grinding to expand my agent pool and overall impact with the OP and will be back with T1 when the time is right.”

He will still be playing on other teams to keep his skills fresh. However, he won’t be on the T1 roster for the foreseeable future. “In the meantime I am going to be practicing with other teams to stay sharp. I’ll be back soon and better than ever.”

Ska’s position within T1 has been questioned for some time. A leaked Steam message between teammates Victor ‘food’ Wong and Austin ‘crashies’ Roberts claimed the veteran CS:GO player was “holding [T1] back big time.”

“Ska was holding us back big time. His comms were worse than normal. He seems really confident in the Jett AWPing caller,” Food said to Crashies.

Skadoodle’s likely replacement is coach Daniel ‘fRoD’ Montaner. Frod stood in for Skadoodle in the Pittsburgh Knights Gauntlet, where the T1 roster failed to make it out of the group stage.

Pop Flash kicks off on August 26. T1 will face off against Immortals, Sentinels, and Envy in Group B.


Valorant pros ShahZam and WARDELL spark feud over “rats” comment

Published: 29/Oct/2020 13:45

by Lauren Bergin


Former CS:GO players turned Valorant pros Sentinels ShahZam and TSM WARDELL have had a fiery exchange over Twitter. 

Even at the highest level of esports, trash talk remains common between the big name players, contributing to in-game rivalries that spice up any match.

There’s some age old rivalries between esports organizations like G2 Esports and Fnatic, never mind within the player base itself. Although sometimes these rivalries stay lighthearted, they can ignite and start a real feud.

This is exactly what appears to have happened between former CS:GO pros turned Valorant stars Shahzeb ‘ShahZam’ Khan of Sentinels and Matt ‘WARDELL’ Yu of TSM.

The TSM player gave the video a fiery reaction.

WARDELL responds to ShahZam video

The fiery exchange began when the Sentinels posted a short clip of ShahZam talking about his feelings towards TSM. With ShahZam stating that be believes Sentinels have more consistency than TSM, admitting that he does “like to seem them lose,” the video received a knee-jerk response from the TSM player.

WARDELL hit back with a slamming criticism of the video, writing “who knew rats can talk? LMAO.” ShahZam quickly followed up with a defence of his team, stating that the video was old and asking WARDELL “why are you so mad?”

This, however, just ignited the fire more. WARDELL promptly responded to ShahZam by making fun of the player’s hair, stating that ‘it’s not silver, it’s platinum’ to which ShahZam playfully accused the TSM player as ‘having a crush’ on him.

Banter gone wrong?

A lot of fans chalked the exchange up as trash talk and banter, but others were unsure considering the genuine surprise that ShahZam appeared to show in his first tweet.

Either way, the feud has sparked a more intense rivalry between the already battling teams; a rivalry that may be settled on the battlefield of the NA First Strike tournament. It would be great to see Sentinels and TSM face off once more and settle their long established rivalry, so fingers crossed we finally get that rematch.