Sinatraa’s accuser slams Valorant community as “safe haven” for abusers

Sinatraa playing for Sentinels ValorantSentinels

The accuser of Sentinels star Jay ‘sinatraa’ Won is speaking out after the former Overwatch League MVP revealed his plans to return to professional Valorant play.

Sinatraa was suspended by both Riot and Sentinels back in 2021 after his ex-girlfriend, Cleo ‘cle0h’ Hernandez, accused him of sexual abuse.

After Riot’s investigation had not produced a “definitive conclusion,” the game developer left the case in the hands of law enforcement, but so far, no charges have been filed.

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Now, with sinatraa planning a professional Valorant comeback and a hopeful return to Sentinels, cle0h is accusing the community of harboring abusers.

Sinatraa ex allegationsTwitter
Sinatraa’s ex is accusing Valorant of being a safe haven for abusers.

Sinatraa’s ex slams Valorant community

In a series of tweets, cle0h continued to allege that sinatraa had abused her and took aim at the Valorant community as a whole.

“I don’t care if he gets signed it’s been obvious for a long time that Valorant is a safe haven for abusers and edgy 17-year-olds who think saying offensive stuff is peak comedy,” she said.

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However, she also claimed that video games, in general, were not the problem and that Valorant itself was the issue with sinatraa potentially returning to pro play.

sinatraa ex valorantTwitter
cle0h claims Valorant has a major issue for letting sinatraa compete.

“It’s not the fault of video games as a whole that he’s safe in Valorant it’s the fault of Valorant specifically. the pros and sponsors and team leadership in that game specifically are the problem,” she added.

Sinatraa’s possible Valorant return has had a mixed reaction from the community, to say the least, with some believing that despite the lack of a conclusion to the investigation, Won should not be allowed back.

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So far, it’s unclear if the former pro will be picked up and if the status of the investigation will play a factor.

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