Sinatraa and Hazed clash as TSM accuse Sentinels of “trolling” Valorant scrims

TSM Hazed and Sentinels Sinatraa in ValorantRiot Games / Sentinels

NA Valorant heavyweights Sentinels and TSM have clashed on Twitter after a scrim went sour on February 10. Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won and James ‘Hazed’ Cobb clashed, with the two accusing each other of “trolling” their practice matches.

Sentinels and TSM have provided NA Valorant fans with plenty of entertaining series on the server. However, beef between the squads has spewed out publicly after a scrim went sour on February 10.

TSM star Hazed claimed one team was sandbagging during scrims, although he didn’t name the team initially. “Imagine a pro team sandbagging scrims and trolling,” Hazed wrote on Twitter, ending with a clown emoji.

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Sentinels star Sinatraa quickly fired back though, saying that Sentinels decimated TSM 19-5 in the scrim. This sent Hazed on a tirade, claiming Sinatraa has his “head so far up [his] a**,” and quickly making it obvious who the subtweet was referring to.

Sentinels’ Hunter ‘SicK’ Mims jumped to his teammates defense. He added TSM weren’t taking it seriously either.

The dispute narrowed down to two rounds ⁠— one where TSM reportedly bought four Guardians and ran around, and one where Sentinels reportedly bought five Odins and did the same thing.

“I’m all for trying in scrims, but if you think the way your team was playing across both maps was in any way tactical or ‘trying to practice’ then I don’t know what to say. We did get a little crazy but don’t act like there isn’t two sides to this,” he said.

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Hazed did admit he believes Sentinels are “the better team,” but that doesn’t mean TSM can’t try new strategies and lose with them. It also doesn’t make it acceptable, in his eyes, to “troll” by buying five Odins and run around.

“I’ve talked about this on stream before but just because you are better than a team you are playing against, it doesn’t mean they are trolling. Y’all are admittedly the better team. We were trying shit and it didn’t work and we were losing. That doesn’t make it acceptable to buy five Odins and run around,” he said.

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Hazed also added he’s heard complaints about Sentinels in scrims from five other teams.

“Lie about the score. Lie about four guardians. Your team double no-clipped in a 2v5 and one of them suicided. Your team bought five Odins… twice. I’ve gotten DMs from five teams saying you guys do the same sh*t to them, then tell me I need to grow up for calling you out.”

“No gramps, we literally thought you were trolling so we trolled for one round as well, then you proceeded to take it to Twitter playing victim because you couldn’t handle losing to it I guess. This is why I said grow up,” Sinatraa retorted.

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It comes as TSM prepares for the VCT Challengers 2 Open Qualifier, which kicks off on February 11.

Sentinels have already qualified, and one can only hope the two squads match up if TSM make it ⁠— it’ll make for entertaining viewing, that’s for sure.