Shroud reveals “insane” Valorant trick to help players snipe like a pro

Shroud reveals “insane” Valorant trick to help players snipe like a proRiot Games / Twitch: Shroud

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek revealed an “insane” trick in Valorant that could help players snipe like their favorite professional players, and it’s so good, he decided to start using it himself.

Shroud’s fondness towards Valorant is old news now. Not only has he praised everything from the game’s map designs to its reliance on team strategy, but it also drove him to return to competitive action at the Valorant Champions Tour open qualifier.

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Even though he’s known and respected for being one of the best first-person shooter players ever to grace the genre, he’s always looking for new ways to improve and refine his abilities.

And he recently discovered an effective way to do just that in Valorant.

Shroud Valorant Stream Sniper RageRiot Games / Twitch: Shroud
Shroud is always looking for ways to improve his game.

Shroud was messing around in the practice map before realizing that there was something he needed to do. “I need to change my sniper rifle aim from Toggle to Hold,” he said. “I’ll show you why. I just found this out a couple of days ago.”

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He compared the speed you can aim down the sights and showed that Hold is faster than Toggle. It’s weird to do because you’re used to Counter-Strike, where you tap right-click, and you’re sitting there. But Hold in this game is f**king insane.”

He added it’s the perfect way for “aggressive” players who like covering tight angles to improve their game, but admitted it might take a bit of time to get used and puts “extra pressure” on the player because they need to focus more.

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Of course, it isn’t anything groundbreaking. After all, the ability to change the sniper rifle aim has been a part of the game ever since it was released.

However, if it was enough for Shroud to describe it as “insane” and decide to switch to it from now on, it’s worth considering for any Valorant player.

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