Shroud reveals his pick for Valorant’s worst map

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Popular Twitch star and former Counter-Strike pro Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has explained why Bind is his pick as the only bad map in Valorant.

At launch in June 2020, Riot Games’ tactical 5-vs-5 first-person shooter Valorant had only four playable maps in the game, with each of them having its own unique quirks.

However, as the game has progressed and made its mark as one of the most popular FPS titles in the world, certain aspects of maps have changed with every update.

While the map pool is now up to seven in total, one particular map stands out to Shroud for being the worst in the game – with a very specific reason as to why.

twitch streamer shroud streaming
Twitch: shroud
shroud has forged a remarkable streaming career through competitive gaming.

During a YouTube video uploaded on February 25, shroud discussed why he believes Bind is the worst, and only bad map in the game. “Bind is a f**king shit map,” exclaimed the Twitch star. “Like actually one of the worst maps, not even just one, the worst map. The only worst map.”

A viewer in Shroud’s chat asked why he thinks Bind is so bad, and the former Counter-Strike pro hit back with a simple explanation: “Because there’s no f**king mid. Having a mid-lane on every map is super essential for rotates and lurks, and timings.

“But, instead, you got a sh*t f**king hole of a map because you have teleporters and they thought that was a good idea.”

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While Shroud hit out at the developers for the teleporters – the main feature of the map which makes up for the lack of a mid-lane, he did praise them for how unique they are.

“It’s unique I will say it is unique. The teleporters are unique, but like they’re bad – it’s just that simple,” he added.

With more maps seemingly on the way, Riot is taking a step back in the upcoming Episode 4 Act 2 with no new map or agent release for the first time in Valorant. The devs have explained Act 2 will be used as an effort to give them more time to work on the game as a whole.

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