Shroud, LIRIK, Nadeshot & more reveal Valorant first impressions

Twitter: Shroud / Nadeshot / LIRIK

Excited players will soon be able to get their hands on Valorant through the closed beta, but many top streamers got their chance early, and have been heaping praise on Riot’s entry into the FPS genre after their behind-closed-doors playtest.

Dexerto also attended the playtest, and we’ll have more about our own first impressions soon. But it’s clear that Riot are banking on influencers convincing their fans to try Valorant, and so what these streamers say is even more important than any review.

This is nothing new either, as games like Apex Legends also relied on the power of influencers on Twitch and YouTube to essentially do the marketing for them. So, here’s what the biggest names in esports, streaming and content creation had to say about Valorant.

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Riot Games
There’s a lot of hype surrounding Valorant.

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If you’re not caught up, Valorant is Riot’s first FPS game and will take a round-based approach similar to CS:GO, featuring an economy system and attack vs defense setup. However, it features unique heroes with their own abilities, reminiscent of Overwatch.

A new contender in the crowded FPS market from a developer with Riot’s pedigree instantly caught the eye of many competitive players, as well as streamers. Summit1g has already claimed that he thinks it will be “10x better than Overwatch.

Former pro CS:GO player turned streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek will be one of the first people many will look to for a verdict on Valorant. He remained tight-lipped after playing though, only letting slip that it was “fun.”

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Other streamers were even more excitable though, such as Saqib ‘LIRIK’ Zahid, who was excited to play ‘Jett’ most, and got his wish and is now anticipating the beta.

100 Thieves boss and former CoD pro Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag had a “ton of fun” and is also excited for what the future holds. His fellow 100T member Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop said the game was a “total blast.”

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These are just a handful of some the big-name creators who tried the game though, and so far we’re yet to find a single negative reaction on first impression. Of course, there is much more still to learn about the game, but here’s some of the most lavish praise given by top streamers and pros.

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TSM Gale

FaZe Tennp0


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These content creators will be sharing their recorded gameplay starting on April 3, before the closed beta goes live on April 7.

If you want to get into the beta you’ll have to get lucky, but here’s how to sign up and be in with a chance. There’s no official release date set for Valorant yet, only listed as Summer 2020 for now.