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Shroud details why Valorant Ranked will “never be good”

Published: 22/Jun/2020 9:08

by Andrew Amos


While Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is seemingly enjoying his time playing Riot’s new FPS title Valorant, he’s worried about ranked play. According to the FPS veteran, playing ranked will “never be good” due to a number of factors.

Valorant’s ranked queue is coming out very soon. Riot have announced that they plan on opening up the competitive queue this week coming, barring any major mishaps.

However, that doesn’t mean all of Valorant’s problems with playing with random players is going to be solved instantly overnight. FPS veteran shroud even went as far as saying ranked in Valorant will “never be good.”


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The former CS:GO pro compared Valorant to a MOBA in a June 21 YouTube video, and said that while both genres are “extremely difficult” to master, it’s easier to play MOBAs in a “pubs” setting in contrast to FPSes.

“It’s never going to be like League, or a MOBA. There is too much coordination and too much skill required for a whole team to be on the same page ⁠— when they’re not a whole team [like in a ranked match],” he said.

“In games like League and Dota, they play their own lane, they play their own role, and then eventually help each other and team fights exist. In this game, it’s way more complicated than that. Basically what I’m saying is ranked will never be good.”


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While MOBAs like League of Legends require a lot of coordination, there are clearly defined roles for everyone. Valorant doesn’t have that.

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While there’s a lot of strategic depth to MOBAs, at the normal level, there’s defined roles. You’ll have your carries, and your supports. In Valorant, the roles each player plays aren’t as defined, and unless everyone is on the same page, it makes things tough.

“The coordination that you do in a MOBA is much simpler with random players. It’s weird to explain. It’s much easier to play your role and do your part in a random game [of League] than it is in [Valorant].

“The actual coordination needed at the top of a MOBA is much higher, but in pubs, it’s totally different.”


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This will be likely something players will have to keep in mind when Valorant’s ranked queue opens up this week.

While queuing with four other friends can help solve some of these issues, if you are solo queuing, be prepared to have to deal with some coordination problems.