Shroud and Summit1g clash over Valorant’s “overpowered” Raze

Connor Bennett
Mixer: Shroud/Twitch: Summit1g

Streaming stars Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar and Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek got into a heated debate about Valorant’s Raze agent – with the latter suggesting that she isn’t as overly powerful as portrayed. 

Since the Valorant closed beta went live on April 7, players have been getting to grips with Riot Games’ foray into the FPS market. Aside from new mechanics, the biggest thing to master is the lineup of Agents.

Plenty has already been said about the characters, with many players suggesting that Raze – the game’s explosive expert – is pretty overpowered and already needs a nerf. That debate spread to Summit and shroud, with things getting pretty feisty between the usually friendly streamers. 

Riot Games
Raze has become Valorant’s mostly hotly debated character.

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With Summit playing Valorant separate from Shroud, his frustrations with Raze grew to the point where he wanted to chat with the former CS:GO pro about the Agent. The Twitch star claimed that the character’s abilities were already far too overpowered and she needed a nerf.

Though, Shroud disputed that, saying new players will choose often Raze and with the game only being a few days old, others hadn’t had the time to figure out ways to suppress her. “Raze is a free kill sometimes, right. A very well co-ordinated Orbital or literally anything – Viper Ult, Sova Ult, Phoenix Ult – is 90% better,” he added.  

Summit disagreed, however, asking why should Raze get “freebie” kills in any situation – seeing as every one of her abilities can lead to a kill. 

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Yet, Shroud contested that as well, claiming that every character in the game has some pretty insane abilities – including Brimstone’s Orbital Strike. But Summit wasn’t having any of it.

“I’ve died to that less than the rocket and yeah, if it’s used properly it can be done well, of course, but it’s not overpowered, it’s done well,” he added. “Her s**t is a freebie, overpowered,” claiming that the character is “easy for all players” and not just newer ones.

While Shroud further preached patience with players learning the game and “running around blind,” Summit added one last dig. “That’s not an excuse for having a completely overpowered character, just because we haven’t played it enough,” he said.

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Of course, both streamers have valid points but at the end of the day, changes will be made by Riot based on the data they have.

Once the Valorant closed beta comes to an end, and the developers start gearing up for a full release, they will no doubt make some changes to the current crop of agents.