ShahZam explains why Sentinels don’t have a Valorant coach yet

Colin Young-Wolff / Riot Games

It may be surprising that the current best Valorant team in the world, Sentinels, don’t even have a coach, but according to IGL Shahzeeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan, the team is looking to find one in the future – but they have to be right fit.

Sentinels are considered to be the best Valorant team in the world, after they completely dominated Valorant’s first international event, Masters: Reykjavik, without losing a single map.

Despite having already qualified for Valorant Champions, the North American roster is back in Europe, this time competing at Masters: Berlin, where they’re looking to take the trophy and stake their claim as the undisputed No.1 team in the world.

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With Sentinels putting in such dominant performances in previous regional and international tournaments, you’d be surprised to hear that the team doesn’t even have a coach, but that may change in the future, as ShahZaM revealed he eventually wants to get some outside help.

Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Sentinels stormed through Masters Reykjavik, not even dropping a single map.

While Sentinels’ team is doing just fine on their own, with ShahZam acting as the main voice inside and outside of the game, every other team at Masters: Berlin has at least one coach supporting the players.

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The right fit

During a press conference between Sentinels and G2, the IGL was asked if he thought other teams having a coach was a mistake or if his team simply doesn’t need one. Surprisingly, ShahZaM revealed Sentinels are looking to get a coach in the future.

“I don’t think having a coach is a mistake at all, the right coach can definitely contribute a lot and help,” he said. “I think just for the dynamic of our team, it’s just better how we function, and I like doing the work, so when I’m in the server and I recognize stuff it’s fine.”

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“Eventually, I want to get a coach. It’s just we’re taking our time, we’re not trying to force the issue, and trying to find someone who can mesh in well, so it’s not too many cooks in one kitchen.”

Sentinels have clearly shown that they don’t need a designated coach to become the best team in Valorant, as the stats show they’ve comfortable cemented themselves as the best.

After their dominating performance at Masters: Reykjavik, they are the favorites to come out on top of Masters: Berlin, but time will tell if a coach really matters.

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