Sentinels Valorant star Sacy sets target for VCT LOCK//IN Brazil

Sacy sitting in a throneSebastian Stigsby/Riot Games

Sentinels Valorant player Gustavo ‘Sacy’ Rossi has said that the team will be aiming high during the first tournament of the 2023 season.

Sentinels’ new Valorant squad is slated to make its first appearance at VCT LOCK//IN Brazil, the biggest LAN event in the history of the game. The tournament will feature all 30 teams with which Riot Games has partnered for the VCT leagues in the EMEA, Asia-Pacific and the Americas regions.

Sacy is one of the four new players on Sentinels’ roster, having joined the team alongside Brazilian compatriot Bryan ‘pANcada’ Luna, North American star Zachary ‘zekken’ Patrone, and British IGL Rory ‘dephh’ Jackson.

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TenZ is the only player from the 2022 roster that remains in Sentinels’ starting lineup

VCT LOCK//IN Brazil will take place at Ginásio do Ibirapuera with a massive crowd in the stands on all match days. Sacy is expecting an electrifying atmosphere at the event, where he hopes Sentinels will be able to fight for the trophy.

“It will be the biggest tournament we’ve ever had in our country,” he told ge. “To be honest, I don’t know what to expect. For me, it’s crazy to think that 30 teams will be in our country.

“Speaking about our team, our debut, I think it will be the beginning of everything. Obviously, we will go out to win, that will never change, but I am more focused on my team, on my evolution.

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“I am looking forward to meeting the guys, so it’s hard to say what I can expect from the game. I’ll have to meet them first. Then we’ll see.”

Fear of Brazilian teams

While part of LOUD, Sacy and pANcada helped put Brazilian Valorant at the top. The team placed second at VCT Stage 1 Masters Reykjavík before wrapping up the season with a first-place finish at Valorant Champions.

LOUD lifting the Valorant Champions 2022 trophyLance Skundrich/Riot Games
LOUD came away with the Valorant Champions 2022 trophy

Besides LOUD, FURIA and MIBR will represent Brazil at VCT LOCK//IN and the VCT Americas league. Sacy said that while Brazilian teams were looked down upon at first, they are now respected following LOUD’s campaign in Instanbul.

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“Our victory at the world championship with LOUD has put fear in everyone,” he says. “I think no one will underestimate Brazilian teams, especially not me.

“I have the greatest respect for them. LOUD, MIBR and FURIA are very strong teams. I think they will beat teams to beat and they are among those who can win titles. I also hope Sentinels are one of those teams.”