Sentinels Valorant star Dapr reveals gruesome extent of death threats after VCT Masters

Colin Young-Wolff / Riot Games

During Michael ‘dapr’ Gulino’s return stream from VCT Masters: Berlin, the Sentinels’ superstar player revealed the disgusting extent of death threats players receive.

Sentinels’ dominating streak came to an end at Masters: Berlin, and while it was an all-around exciting event for Valorant’s competitive ecosystem, some of the partaking players were, subject to harassment and death threats.

Almost all players and entertainers in any game or sport will at some point get their experience with some haters, and while it’s quite common, it can still be a lot to take on your shoulders while trying to compete at the top level.

One player that was inundated with hate at Masters: Berlin, was North American superstar, Dapr, who went into the grim details in a post-event stream.

Colin Young-Wolff / Riot Games
Dapr is among the highest-earning Valorant pro’s, and a member of the North American team Sentinels.

While on-stage at Masters: Berlin, we saw some iconic moments, with pros taunting their opponents sat across the room, and among those having fun with their taunting was Dapr.

During his return stream from Berlin, fans immediately flooded Dapr’s chat with concerns over the hate that he received, but the pro was quick to address the concerns. “It’s okay, I get it, genuinely it’s been a long time, I got sh*t-talked for such a long time now, I’m indifferent,” he said.

Dapr continued and revealed the gruesome extent of death threats: “Guys if I showed you my DMs I could show you 20 screenshots of people saying they’re going to dismember my mother because I knifed mixwell. I’m so used to it now, it’s like nothing to me. Whatever people say, it literally means nothing to me.”

With a sense of pride, and high expectations for your favorite team to perform well, fans can sometimes get upset, and dapr isn’t the first esports pro to receive death threats.

No matter what game you compete in, being at the top level is always going to come with hate from fans, but Dapr says that “that’s just life on the internet, they’re anonymous and they won’t do anything, but it’s just a thing that happens.”

Dapr will be looking to put up a strong fight and retake the throne with the rest of the Sentinels squad at Valorant Champions in December.