Sentinels TenZ injures hand in freak kettle accident ahead of Stage 2 Masters


Sentinels could be going into the Stage 2 Masters in Reykjavik with an unexpected handicap after Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo apparently had an unfortunate run in with some boiling water.

Injuries in esports definitely happen less frequently than traditional sports, but pros still have to focus on keeping their hands in tip-top shape, and TenZ’s freak accident couldn’t have come at a worse time.

If you make money gaming professionally, any injury to your digits could be devastating, even more so when your team is set to take part in the first-ever Valorant LAN in a few days.

The good news is that even though he’s injured, TenZ and the Sentinels may have caught a major lucky break.

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TenZ (literally) got into some hot water on Friday.

On Friday, May 21, TenZ updated his Instagram story with shots of a delicious-looking breakfast, followed shortly by pics of his bandaged hand flipping off the hot water kettle.

“F*** this kettle, poured boiling water all over my left hand,” TenZ wrote while showing the pot what he really thought. “Unlucky I guess.”

Actually, despite what TenZ said, if he was going to pour boiling water on his hand no matter what, it actually happened in the best possible spot to still be able to compete at Reykjavik.

When you’re playing an FPS game you most likely use your left hand’s fingers quite a bit, but not your thumb, which typically gets put on space bar duty. 

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Having a bandage on might actually help TenZ, at least with his jumping.

If TenZ had gotten the boiling water on any of his other four digits, he and Sentinels could have been in serious trouble just a few days before play begins, but he seems to have just been burnt around his thumb, so the only thing that could be in trouble is his jumping, a factor which shouldn’t make or break a Valorant match.

“This spacebar hitbox gonna be insane, will have full control of my jumps,” TenZ wrote, and based on this reaction to the whole, thing, we’d expect to see him in the Reykjavik Masters starting lineup for Sentinels on May 24, injury and all.

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