Sentinels remain “clout kings” taking top three most-viewed matches in all VCT Leagues

Sentinels huddle before LOUD match in VCTRobert Paul/Riot Games

Sentinels have retained their crown as the “clout kings” of Valorant as they have recorded the top three most-viewed matches so far across all VCT Leagues

Sentinels are, undoubtedly, the most clouted team in Valorant. With their roster fielding a who’s who of Valorant fame, and many of their previous players becoming some of the scene’s biggest personalities. 

And it seems Sentinels have once again flexed just how clouted they are by claiming the top three most-viewed matches out of all the VCT Leagues around the globe, and it’s not even close. 

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Sentinels remain “clout kings” of VCT 

“Undisputed clout kings” Sentinels called themselves in a tweet celebrating the achievement. “Sentinels are now your first, second, and third most watched matches in VCT globally.” 

According to statistics from Esports Charts, Sentinels’ regular season matches between powerhouses LOUD, 100 Thieves, and Leviatan hold the top three spots. With their LOUD game, which saw Marved step in to replace TenZ, piling up a jaw-dropping 503,586 viewers. 

When Sentinels opened up the Americas League against 100 Thieves, it already saw them break records with 407,958 peak viewers. Two out of the three matches resulted in a loss for the team, and yet even with the results, they managed to pull staggering numbers. 

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As for the other leagues, it doesn’t come close. Pacific League’s most viewed match between ZETA and Global Esports saw 336,722 peak viewers, which fails to reach even the top five most viewed in Americas. 

The EMEA Leagues seemed to be performing the worst out of all the leagues, with the match between BBL and Karmine Corp seeing its largest viewer count at 288,816. 

And just to remind folks, whenever Sentinels play, Valorant’s very own Content King, tarik, is always there to co-stream their matches which undoubtedly boosts their numbers further. No surprise since he is a content creator for Sentinels. 

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