Sentinels poke fun at G2 over VCT partner slot snub

Sentinels x G2 EsportsSentinels/G2 Esports

Sentinels threw some shade at G2 Esports in a recent post showcasing a mini-spike statue and a business card for the organization’s acceptance into the VCT Americas partnered league.

Sentinels and G2 Esports have had some (manufactured) controversy in the past. The two teams were the best squads in their respective regions for a time early on in Valorant’s life as an esport, but the two never got the chance to battle at their peak due to the health crisis.

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The two did get a chance to finally face off once international events started up for Valorant in 2021. At VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin Sentinels and G2 played twice with Sentinels winning the first matchup and G2 dominating the second.

Before their first matchup, G2 commissioned a plane to fly over Berlin with a “F*** Sentinels” banner behind it and the two organization’s exchanged some banter online before and after the match.

Sentinels revive VCT beef with G2

The North American organization took no prisoners with a recent post poking fun at G2 and its Valorant Champions Tour partnership snub for the Americas and EMEA regions. G2 Esports were reportedly denied a spot in the Riot Games Valorant leagues due to the controversy around its former CEO Carlos Rodríguez’s association with controversial figure Andrew Tate.

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Carlos has since left his position after G2 suspended him without pay and put out a statement condemning his actions and his response on social media.

“Wild to think there’s one of these in a trashcan somewhere with G2’s name on it,” the Sentinels Twitter account said.

G2 were reportedly looking to join the VCT partnered league in North America, instead of EMEA, and would have matched up against Sentinels regularly.

The organization was so confident that Riot Games was going to give them a slot in the partnered league, that it offered The Washington Post an exclusive interview with Carlos before the teams were confirmed.

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The players on the respective teams said that the stunts were more for G2 and Sentinels as brands and had nothing to do with beef from the people competing against each other.