Sentinels announce Marved will replace TenZ for VCT Americas Week 4

Marved playing on stage at VCT Masters Reykjavik before signing with SentinelsColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

In a video introducing the team’s new head coach, Sentinels announced that Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo will sit out VCT Americas Week 4 as substitute Jimmy ‘Marved’ Nguyen will step in.

More changes are coming to Sentinels as the team announced that TenZ will sit out the upcoming VCT Americas super week as he deals with a finger injury and a positive test result. In his stead, former OpTic Gaming player and Sentinels substitute Marved will play.

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Sentinels released a video introducing its new head coach, Adam ‘kaplan’ Kaplan, after the organization parted ways with Donald ‘SyykoNT’ Muir after Week 3 of VCT Americas. In that video, kaplan dropped the news that TenZ will be sitting out Week 4 competition to recover.

“Our boy TenZ, not feeling so good… We are going to give him a week to chill. Luckily we have a world champion for a sub. We are going to be bringing Marved in, we are going to be practicing with him this week and playing our super week of matches with him.” kaplan said.

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TenZ out, Marved in for Sentinels in Week 4

TenZ has been dealing with more than just an injured finger following the team’s poor performance, with fans expressing their displeasure with his performances, to the point that his fiancée called for empathy for the player.

The substitution comes as no shock as rumors had been swirling about Sentinels making a change since Week 2. However, those rumors were put to bed when George Geddes revealed that Marved, who is a Candian resident, had yet to secure a visa to compete in the league.

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Marved has seemingly secured his visa and is able to compete. He last played competitive Valorant in the North American Challengers league Open Qualifiers with the streamer team Untamable Beasts. In 2022, Marved played for OpTic Gaming and won Masters Reykjavík along with reaching top three at Masters Copenhagen and finishing second at Valorant Champions.

Sentinels are set to take on LOUD and MIBR in VCT Americas Week 4 with the first match set to take place on April 21.

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