ScreaM explains how Karmine Corp turned around their abysmal form in VCT EMEA

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After defeating notching their second win in the VCT EMEA league, Karmine Corp captain Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom explained online how the team turned its form around following Alexis ‘Newzera’ Humbert stepping down from the roster.

Karmine Corp won their second match of the VCT EMEA split against KOI to break their four-game losing streak. In the middle of that stretch of games, the French-speaking team had to deal with Newzera stepping down from the roster and the team’s assistant coach Ahmed ‘ZE1SH’ Sheikh stepping up to take his place.

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After winning the series 2-1, ScreaM took to Twitter to explain how the team has turned around its form following the losing streak and Newzera “abandoning” the team.

“The current improvement of the team comes down to a few simple points. ZE1SH, who brings an energy and an aggressiveness which we lacked before in my opinion, the work with mental trainers, the dynamics and the mood of everyone is better overall,” ScreaM said.

ScreaM explains Karmine Coprs turnaround in VCT EMEA

The Former Team Liquid player explained that when he set up the team, he wanted them to play in a structured and “synergistic” system that would be better than other teams tactically. He said he now understands that creating a system like that is not easy and it may have held back players and himself from playing at their best.

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“Now as you can see we are back on a classic Duelist/meta system without too much thinking based on individualities and momentum, these are also our strengths and I like this way of playing which frees me personally individually to be able to express myself better in this style,” ScreaM said.

ZE1SH has also taken over as the IGL of Karmine Corp, and it has let ScreaM focus more on his own gameplay. In the series against KOI, ScreaM and his brother Nabil ‘Nivera’ Benrlitom both topped the server with over 50 kills each.

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Karmine Corp will look to continue their improvements in their next match against FUT Esports on May 4 as the race for the playoffs in VCT EMEA heats up.

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