ScreaM claims “Duelists are overrated” as Karmine Corp begins VCT LOCK//IN run

ScreaM punches the camera at VCT LOCK//INColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Karmine Corp, led by Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom, defeated FunPlus Phoenix 2-1 in their first match at VCT LOCK//IN without using a single Duelist. In a post-match press conference, the IGL said that Duelists are “overrated.

Karmine Corp are coming into VCT LOCK//IN with a different style compared to other teams. The French-speaking squad defeated the Chinese side FPX in three maps and did not pick a Duelist across the entire series. In the current professional Valorant meta, Jett, a Duelist, is considered a powerful pick and is one of the most picked Agents in the game.

“We have a different approach,” ScreaM said after the match. “When I came into this team, I think Duelist is kind of overrated. Obviously, it gives you some aggressivity, and you can take some space, but other than that I think it’s pretty good without a Duelist right now.”

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ScreaM doesn’t rule out picking a Duelist at VCT LOCK//IN

While he said the class of Agent is overhyped, ScreaM did not rule out Karmine Corp playing Duelists on maps that the team hasn’t competed on yet at VCT LOCK//IN.

ScreaM was also asked about his role as the team’s IGL and whether that impacts his agent selection. On his previous team, Team Liquid, ScreaM primarily played Duelists on most maps.

“I take the role as IGL in this team seriously and I think it’s better for me to play Agents like Initiators and as I said I think Duelist is a bit overrated. You lose a lot of tools when you play Duelists and I think it’s a part of our gameplay. I’m very happy to play these agents, you can also play them very aggressively so I can do everything basically,” the Karmine Corp IGL said.

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ScreaM and Karmine Corp will continue on in the tournament to face the winner of the match between Gen.G Esports and LOUD.