Russian Valorant star tops Asian Valorant ranked ladder amid Paper Rex rumors

Something, a Valorant player with two accounts at the top of the ranked ladder.Sengoku Gaming

Russian Valorant player Ilya ‘something’ Petrov posted his Valorant ranked achievement on Twitter showing that the top two accounts on the Asia-Pacific ladder are his.

something has continued to make a name for himself in the Valorant community after his impressive performances in Challengers League Japan. The Russian player posted on Twitter that he has the top two ranked accounts on the Valorant ladder on the Asia-Pacific servers.

The two accounts, SG Something and his smurf account Prince, both have a ranked rating of 818 and have 32 and 41 ranked wins so far in this Act respectively. His top played Agent on both accounts is Jett and it took him 54 hours of ranked play to get both accounts to the top of the ladder, according to

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something posts major Valorant ranked achievement

something rose to prominence in Challengers League Japan on Sengoku Gaming. He broke the record for most kills in a pro match for Sengoku and placed fourth in the playoff stage of the league.

Since his breakout stint on the Japanese team, he has been linked with VCT Pacific team Paper Rex. something is primarily and Duelist player and has only player five Agents professionally, Jett, Reyna, Raze, Phoenix and Chamber.

The Russian player competes on the Asia-Pacific servers over the European ones because he lives on the far east side of Russia. That area of the country is closer to the Asian servers, and even the ones in South Korean, than the servers in Europe which are located in cities like Frankfurt, Paris, Stockholm, and London.

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While getting two accounts to the top of the ranked ladder is an achievement, something will have a hard time maintaining that pace for the entire Act, which still has at least a month left to go.