Riot under fire for “overpriced” Valorant EGO skin bundle

Connor Bennett
Riot Games under fire EGO OneTap skin bundle Valorant.
Riot Games

Riot Games have come under fire for the price of their new ‘EGO’ by OneTap bundle in Valorant, with a few players labeling it as “overpriced” and not particularly impressive looking.

When it comes to setting yourself apart from the crowd in games like Valorant, the best way to do so is usually through cosmetics. 

You either unlock things like weapon skins/charms and profile items through either playing the Act-based Battlepass, or by putting your hand in your pocket and spending some real-life cash on microtransactions.

Since launching Valorant back in June, Riot have dropped a handful of impressive weapon skin bundles but their newest — the EGO bundle — has drawn some criticism for its price. 

EGO by OneTap Stinger skin
Riot Games
Valorant’s EGO by OneTap bundle features skins for a number of key weapons.

Reddit user ‘russmankiwi called on the game devs to “justify” the 7,100 VP cost of the bundle, because, as the Redditor points out, it lacks the customization options of similarly priced bundles of the past. 

“More recently we’ve been seeing a decrease in quality or options available on gun skins, but still priced the same as the bundles with the most customization options,” the Redditor commented, noting that the skins do “look lovely” but “fall short” in the end. 

“Why is the EGO bundle not set somewhere inbetween at lets say 6,000 VP? You get some nice looking skin variants, but nothing to really get you excited,” they also added. The comparison was made to similarly priced skin lines, such as the Prism and Oni, which were released with the option to add distinct VFX via Radianite Points.

Screenshot of a reddit post
Screenshot via Reddit
The post, which was removed, called on Riot to explain the pricing.

Other players pointed out that, ultimately, Riot set the price and fans pay for the skins so they’ve no reason to change things. However, other Redditors argued that Riot might have to change their ways later down the line.

“I think the best thing to do is just not pay for overpriced stuff. The prices will drop,” suggested Xen0tech. Another commenter, ZaidPlays, echoed the “overpriced” thought. “Honestly, all the skins in this game are overpriced, like 90 dollars for a few skins and a knife then you have to buy Radianite to upgrade the skins you already paid for? No thanks.”

Whether or not Riot will change things in the future remains to be seen, but, it at least appears as if some fans aren’t too happy.