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Riot teases new Valorant melee animations & VFX

Published: 26/Sep/2020 10:36

by Andy Williams


A Riot Games dev has revealed that Valorant’s melee skins could be receiving an animation overhaul soon, following backlash from the ‘default’ VFX in the EGO and Smite bundles.

While new Agents and maps are among the most requested additions to Future Earth, new skins have proved incredibly popular too. Ranging from Select Edition all the way up to Exclusive Edition, weapon cosmetics come in all shapes and sizes — and prices, too!


While the Elderflame skin bundle (Ultra Edition) received backlash for its high price point of 9,900 Valorant Points, the latest additions of the EGO and Smite bundles have been under scrutiny for very different reasons.

At their core, both the EGO and Smite melees offer simple reskins of the default melee that is in-game, without any additional animation or video effect (VFX) available — and this has been grinding the gears of some of Valorant’s player base.

EGO by OneTap knife skin in Valorant.
Riot Games
The EGO by OneTap collection offers a simple reskin to the default knife in Valorant.

New melee animations coming to Valorant?

After one Redditor expressed their hopes that the upcoming G.U.N skin bundle’s melee had its own unique VFX to better differentiate from the default, Riot surveyed the user on what they’d like to see added in the future.

As part of their thread of responses, a Riot dev explained why some bundles receive custom animations, whereas others don’t necessarily warrant it. “It’s a fine balance of how much of this we are able to modify versus completely restart. The more unique things we do, the longer they take, and the longer players may have to wait for it.”

The dev continued, “We’re definitely evaluating all of this though —just taking a look at where we put the majority of our efforts to see if there’s adjustments we can make.”


After a series of responses, the dev added that they’re “looking into ways” to make the inspect element of melee weapons more unique, since this offers the least potential impact on gameplay.

This comes as both the EGO by OneTap and upcoming G.U.N bundles have been categorized in the same ‘Premium Edition’ tier, yet the latter offers a complete reskin (and potentially an animation or VFX) of the melee.

Therefore, many fans are contesting that the bundle with the custom melee skin and potential VFX/animation offers more bang for your buck. But, it appears Riot have their ear firmly pressed to the ground and are willing to take the community’s feedback onboard nonetheless.


Iconic Smash Bros Hyrule Temple stage recreated in Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Published: 7/Oct/2020 17:21

by Michael Gwilliam


Super Smash Bros Melee introduced many playable fan-favorite stages such as Final Destination and Battlefield, though none may be more infamous than Hyrule Temple. Now, a fan has recreated the Zelda stage within Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2.

Hyrule Temple is an absolute blast to play in a casual setting as it’s one of the largest stages in the game and has five sections for players to battle in – three on the upper area, and two on the lower.


Due to the stage’s layout and Smash’s casual scene consisting of items and multi-player brawls, it’s really the perfect battleground for chaos to ensue.

As it turns out, Hyrule Temple isn’t just a good Zelda-inspired Smash stage. It also makes for a pretty unique map in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Link on Hyrule Temple
Hyrule Temple has appeared in other Smash games since Melee.

Redditor Skramblez took to the popular site to share their recreation with the world. In a post titled “I recreated Hyrule Temple in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2,” the gamer showed off the map in a video accompanied by Zelda music.

As you can see in the video, the stage’s sections are split into their own variants of a skate park. Some of the smaller paths are replaced by rails for skaters to grind on, and there’s plenty of gaps to clear.

The edges of the stage are replaced with ramps, so you shouldn’t be flying off the stage like you’ve still taken a Ganondorf F-Smash at a high percentage.


As a nice touch, and sticking with the Zelda lore, Skramblez even made the character look a bit like Link – at least the most Link-like the skateboarding game could allow for.

Instead of a green tunic, the player has a green hoodie. Instead of the green cap, it’s a beanie. However, the character does have long blonde hair, just like the Hero of Time.

Triforce in Tony Hawk Pro Skater
YouTube/David R
Don’t miss the Triforce hidden in the map.

According to Skramblez, it took fifteen hours to make the map. “The park editor’s not the most intuitive, but you can do a lot once you get used to it,” they explained.


If you want to try it out for yourself, just search “Hyrule Temple” in custom parks on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 on PC.