Riot teases new Valorant Agent and big balance updates in Patch 3.0

Riot Games

Riot has begun teasing the next Agent to join the game as well as some upcoming balance updates in a new blog post.

Valorant fans won’t have much longer to wait for the game’s next Agent to drop with Riot straight up saying to expect one in Patch 3.0.

In the tease, Riot said that they are including abilities that should be familiar to gamers who enjoy traditional first person shooter titles with some twists.

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They also seem to be an incredibly high skill ceiling Agent and will amplify the game’s gunplay.

New Valorant agentRiot Games
A new Valorant Agent was teased.

“This is an Agent who’s utility can create moments where you must rely on your gunplay,” Riot wrote. “The new Agent is coming soon enough, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you think when they finally say hello!”

It will be very interesting to see exactly what this new Agent has to offer, but their addition isn’t the only change coming in the future patch.

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The “State of Agents” update also included some changes coming to a number of characters, including monitoring Viper to see if she’s still “too oppressive post-nerf.”

Yoru and Viper Valorant Patch 2.06 buffsRiot Games
Riot is monitoring Viper closely.

For Breach and Skye, Riot will be looking to remove their ability to use three straight flashes. For Breach specifically, the devs want to balance power across his whole kit.

Yoru’s Fakeout looks like it will be getting a buff with the devs claiming they want it to be a “more impactful ability.”

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Meanwhile, for Astra, they want to “add more counterplay to some of her play patterns that are too oppressive in coordinated play.”

These changes are expected to enter the game as early as Patch 3.0 and hopefully no later than 3.2 so players shouldn’t have that long to wait to try out these balance updates and hopefully the new Agent for themselves.

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