Riot teases new UI coming to Valorant with Patch 5.08

an image of Reyna and Killjoy in Valorant Episode 5Riot Games

Riot Games announced changes to the Valorant UI in a recent update on the state of the game. The new post and pre-match screen will begin to roll out in Patch 5.08.

Riot has announced new pre and post-match UI for Valorant that will start to come out in the next patch. The developer also teased a new lobby screen and MVP screen as well.

According to the Riot post these changes were made to build game engine enhancements, build consistent design choices, and level up how they present the Valorant style.

Changes coming to Valorant’s UI

New Valorant UIRiot Games
The MVP screen with the new UI in Valorant.

The new designs showcased include the MVP screen, which will feature a two-dimensional showcase of each player’s Agent on the team along with their KDA and Combat Score. The MVP of the team will be highlighted in the middle of the team.

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“This new, bold team shot helps to show off your team’s MVP and your team composition while reinforcing the emotional narrative coming out of your most recent game—win or lose,” Tea Chang, a UX designer for Riot, said in a statement.

The Match Found screen will also be more dynamic and the loading screen into games will also get a facelift.

Valorant UIRiot Games
The game is getting a facelift across all of its user interface.

The overall vibe of the new interface makes the game look more three-dimensional and holographic compared to its old interface. Fans of Valorant have had to deal with rough-looking UI as the title has progressed from its beta stage to its current iteration.

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The Riot announcement also said that there should be more to come as multiple teams are working on improving the UI experience for the first-person shooter.

“Once you get your hands on this, we want to know if there’s functionality you’re missing so we can continue iterating and improving the UI,” Riot said in the announcement.