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Riot hints at new Valorant Deathmatch features: pistol-only games, more

Published: 19/Feb/2021 7:23

by Brad Norton


Valorant’s Deathmatch mode might be pretty barebones for now, but Riot are looking at shipping some major improvements across Episode 2 and beyond. More settings like pistol-only games, as well as separate queues could be on the way.

Valorant’s Deathmatch game mode has become the place to warm up before hitting the ranked queues. It’s a good way to get your eye in.

However, Riot wants the game mode to be more than just an aim trainer. The devs are exploring how to expand Deathmatch in the future to try and make the game mode a bit more interesting.


The future of Deathmatch in Valorant

Valorant deathmatch
Riot Games
Deathmatch will soon be completely different in Valorant.

In a Reddit AMA on February 18, Riot opened up on how they want the game mode to look.

While they want the mode to appeal to both casuals looking for a reprieve from ranked, as well as those looking to warm up for bigger matches, it hasn’t quite hit the mark.

In the future, the devs plan on “splitting” Deathmatch into two different modes.

One version of Deathmatch will be “focused on competing,” developer Jared ‘Darkhorse4Life’ Berbach explained. This playlist could come with all-new game mechanics. Meanwhile, the other version of Deathmatch will be “focused on warm-up and practice.”


Unique variants could soon be on the way to Valorant Deathmatch too. From “Pistols only” to more explosive modes that allow for unlimited utility, the devs appear open to just about anything.

“I’d love for us to get to the point where players can set up stuff like this in customs,” they added. 

These changes could potentially be shipped across Episode 2. However, no firm date has been set yet, so keep your eyes peeled.