Riot Games reveal Valorant Champions skin bundle raises $16 million for teams

The Valorant Champions trophyWojciech Wandzel/Riot Games

Riot Games revealed in a Twitter post on September 17 that the Valorant Champions skin bundle has raised more than $16 million for teams qualified for the international tournament through in-game sales.

The Champions skins bundle went on sale on August 23 and has raised $16 million for the teams at the tournament so far. Teams who qualified for the event earn half of the total sales from the skin bundle which is sold in the Valorant in-game client.

Since teams have earned $16 million, that means Riot has sold about $32 million in skins from this bundle alone.

Organizations distribute the money earned from their qualification to the event themselves, so each player from every team may receive a different share, or none at all, depending on prior agreements.

Riot released a similar report about the Valorant Champions 2021 skin bundle after the cosmetics were in the shop for about two weeks. At that time the bundle had garnered around $15 million according to Riot.

Over about the same time period, the 2022 edition has made about $1 million more than 2021.

Champions skins could earn more

Valorant Champions Phantom skinRiot Games
The Valorant Champions Phantom skin at 25 kills.

The Champions bundle is still available for players to purchase, until September 21, so the prize pool for teams could increase even more.

In 2021, the skin bundle made over $18 million in total according to a report from Upcomer.

This years bundle includes a Butterfly Knife, Phantom skin, Spray, Player Card and Gun Buddy at 6265 VP or about $66. The new skin also carries over effects from 2021, like the knife and gun glowing when the player holding them has the highest kills in the lobby.

This year the new effect sees the knife and Phantom fill in with red shards as the player using them gets kills in-game. The gun and knife completely fill in after 25 kills.