Raze mains rejoice as Riot revert “secret” Valorant patch 4.05 nerf

Riot Games

Valorant patch 4.05 has just gone live, and with that, there were a fresh crop of bugs for the devs to handle — including a “secret” Raze nerf and a spike sound glitch. After shutting down ranked for a day, Riot has come in hot with a fix. 

For Raze mains who’ve been feeling a little off lately, rest assured, your feelings are valid. Players worldwide have been noticing significant issues with re-equipping weaponry after using the Agent’s blast packs and ult.

Within hours, players went to Reddit and Twitter to express their displeasure. They all agreed they were running into the same basic issues.

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“The priority setting doesn’t work after using the blast packs,” one player explained. “And the weapon you pull out has the full animation instead of the shorter one from before. Is anyone else having these issues?”

Theories abounded as to what was wrong, but with so many players vocally complaining, Riot was quick to respond on Valorant’s official Twitter page.

Initially, the company announced there was only going to be a brief turnaround for a hotfix.

“Thanks to your reports, we caught the bugs mentioned below and are on our way to a fix—expected within the next 1–2 hours.”

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Unfortunately, this turned out to be nothing but wishful thinking. Within an hour, there was a secondary announcement that the bugs, and not so “secret nerf” were proving to be particularly troublesome for the beleaguered dev team.

After announcing a day turnaround for the finnicky fix, the team stayed true to their word. 24 hours later all seems well in the world of Valorant and “competitive is back”.

As well as Raze popping up with the inconvenient equipping issues, there was another bug being reported by players after the patch. Here, the spike defuse sound was not properly registering, and not being heard by players across the map.

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This has also been looked at as part of the work over the last day.

With these fixes in place, we can expect smooth sailing throughout the rest of patch 4.05, all the way through until the release of patch 4.06.

We will keep you updated with any changes, and just what the patch will entail as information comes to light.