Riot re-enables Yoru after patching “invincible” Valorant cheat spot on Breeze

Yoru Disabled Valorant BreezeRiot Games

Yoru has been re-enabled in Valorant after Riot Games temporarily disabled the popular agent due to an exploit that allowed players to teleport to an “invincible” cheat spot on Breeze.

Valorant players were shocked to see an in-game notification that said Yoru had been disabled, along with the Breeze map, although it was only removed from competitive playlists. No reason was given at the time.

However, players put two-and-two together and concluded it must have had something to do with a game-breaking exploit involving Yoru on the new Breeze map. And it turns out, they were right.

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Riot confirmed he was temporarily disabled “due to an exploit where he could teleport outside the play area,” which has now been fixed. As a result, that means players can start picking him again.

What was the exploit?

The exploit allowed Yoru to use his Gatecrash ability to teleport inside the pyramids on Breeze.

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Once he was in there, he effectively became ‘invincible’ and could shoot opponents and even plant the spike without putting himself in danger.

Riot Games didn’t elaborate on it, but it was believed to have something to do with a collision detection issue.

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It was an unfortunate situation, especially for those who relied on the agent. But it’s good to know the developers were on the case and resolved the issue in no time at all.

Considering the exploit was labeled “one of the worst bugs of all time,” a sentiment that those who fell victim to it shared, the quick turnaround was applauded.

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