Riot devs respond to major Valorant Brimstone hitbox issue

Riot Games

Riot Games has responded to a significant Valorant issue that sees Brimstone’s headshot hitbox vanish in the middle of certain animations.

As avid players continue to pump hours upon hours into Valorant’s Closed Beta, a few game-breaking issues have begun to slip through the cracks.

From major FPS drops following the latest update, to Jett’s awkward hitbox. The latest issue puts Brimstone in the crosshairs, however, as players have uncovered another broken hitbox issue.

Riot Games
Jett is another Agent that has been bogged down by clunky hitboxes of late.

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Rounding out the 18th round of a closely contested match on May 5, Dalorick was rotating around the back of Bind when they stumbled on a new bug.

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They lined up a perfect headshot with the Marshal, yet the bullet didn’t register. It seemed to phase right through the enemy Brimstone, who quickly rotated and began to return fire.

Brimstone even managed to turn the fight around, landing 169 damage of his own and securing the elimination. 

Supposedly the broken headshot hitbox stems from Brimstone’s animated state when placing smokes onto the map, according to Reddit user ‘howtotailslide.’

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“You should have totally gotten a headshot,” they said. But a few key animations are currently letting bullets fly right through headshot hitboxes. “There are some other animations like defusing” that are also impacted.

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While Brimstone’s hitbox will continue to be a pain in your unrated and competitive games in the immediate future, a fix is in the works.

“We are looking into the issue,” confirmed Riot Sobey, in response to the clip. There’s no telling exactly when this particular issue may be resolved. However, complications like these are the exact purpose of a beta in the first place.

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Brimstone-mains may find themselves actually dying to headshots more frequently once a patch is released. That may take some getting used to when the changes come through.

Every other Agent in the game should soon have a much easier time dealing with the bearded Controller now that Riot is looking into the bug.

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