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Riot devs planning system to prevent laggy players in Valorant matches

Published: 25/Mar/2021 12:29

by Lauren Bergin


A bad connection can make or break your Valorant gameplay, but it also has a huge impact on your team. Riot devs have hinted at plans to add a bad connection warning to stop this happening. 

Valorant is, at its core, a team game. Therefore, when people drop off of the face of Future Earth for whatever reason, their teammates are hardly sympathetic at being left an Agent down. While it’s not impossible to win if your comrades leave, it makes life a lot harder.

Riot took major steps in Patch 9.05 to tackle the issues with AFK players and game dodgers in Competitive play, however the issue of addressing high ping still stands.


Fortunately Riot dev Aeneia, who is involved in the Insights and Strategy side of Valorant, has hinted at a future fix.

Possible connectivity warning in Valorant

Pheonix holding Ghost in Valorant
Riot Games
We’ve all had an AFK Phoenix in our games, but sometimes it isn’t their fault.

After a Reddit thread suggested that players who are having serious ping issues should be asked in-game whether or not they want to proceed, Aeneia has hinted that this idea is already in the works.

“I love seeing this! This is something we’ve actually discussed as a team. I can’t speak to any plans to build it or not, but I just wanted to validate your thoughts here: it’s a freaking great idea.”

She goes on to address the issue of players who disconnect in the middle of a game, which has become a pretty common scenario. After all, you can’t exactly choose when you’re going to get DC’d.


“It’s true that many folks end up getting connection issues in the middle of games. That’s why our new warnings and penalty system tells players, “Hey, you disconnected a lot last game. Fix yo stuff before jumping in again.” (Those exact words, I swear)”

A fix is clearly on Riot’s radar, and hopefully, this will make the experience better for both low connectivity players and their teammates. However, until we get clarity we’ll just have to wait and see!

The next Valorant update is scheduled for Tuesday, March 30. Don’t expect to see this change rolled out then though, as it sounds like it’s still in the planning phase.