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Riot devs confirm changes to Valorant combat score

Published: 10/Sep/2020 18:39

by Michael Gwilliam


Riot Games have explained how Valorant players can improve their combat score and how they will be enhancing the feature in a new Ask Valorant Q&A blog post.

Combat scores are supposed to showcase the impact a player can have on a game through frags, but as it turns out, there’s more to it than that.

“Is it true that there’s an extra importance on frags when it comes to getting a good combat score?” a user asked Senior Producer Ian Fielding.

While kills play a massive factor, they aren’t the be all end all. According to Fielding, there are several factors that are taken into consideration.

Holding down an area on Valorant
Riot Games
Riot have revealed some combat score changes are coming.

“We also look at damage inflicted, meaning that assists where you help kill an enemy are taken into account, as well as utility that does damage,” he explained. “There are some other factors that help inform your combat score, such as first bloods and streaks. These are called out on the combat score tool tip.”

The user also asked if the team had any plans on “increasing the recognition of assists” or other contributions to the team such as spots, healing, slowing enemies, and more.

To this Fielding responded that the team has some things planned in the long term and is in fact looking at ways to “incorporate non-damaging assists into your combat score as well.”

Valorant's Viper by the logo
Riot Games
Kills aren’t everything when it comes to combat score.

Meanwhile, on the competitive front, Fielding noted in the Q&A that, “while your combat score indicates how well you performed in core combat during the game, it’s not 1:1 with the performance calculations we use for your rank updates.”

“Simply put, the focus of whether or not your rank updates is primarily focused on wins and the decisiveness of these wins.”

There’s quite a lot under the hood when it comes to determining your combat score, but it’s nice to hear that the developers have some improvements planned to better reflect that attribute.


Summit1G explains the biggest issue with Valorant’s Stinger

Published: 23/Oct/2020 13:09

by Jacob Hale


Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar is a fairly accomplished gamer in many realms and genres — but he has vowed to never use the Stinger SMG in Valorant ever again after a rough go of it.

Riot Games’ first foray into the first-person shooter genre has been a success, with many top streamers and pro players from other games immediately falling in love with the gameplay and making the switch to it.

Obviously, while the game is fun, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, as any player will attest to, whether it be the Agents’ abilities, bugs, or weapons in the game.

Now, Summit has had it with one particular gun: the Stinger SMG. And he’s promised to never use it again.

Valorant Stinger
Riot Games
The Stinger is commonly regarded as one of the worst weapons in the game.

While playing as Omen on Haven, Summit’s team was taking a beating, down 11-3, and he decided to buy the Stinger to see if it can help turn the team’s fortunes around.

As luck would have it, his team did actually win the round — no thanks to Summit’s Stinger, though.

“That’s not my aim, that gun sucks d**k,” he said, as his chat started laughing at some of his missed shots. “You shoot that gun for three bullets before it just does what it wants. I will never buy that gun again, dude. I don’t know how people play like this.”

As specified in our guide to the very best weapons in Valorant, the Stinger is arguably one of the worst guns in the game.

The Spectre SMG is far more favorable in its class, so we’ll likely see Summit opt to use that more in the future if he wants a submachine gun and to rush into the thick of the action. At the very least, we know full well that he won’t be touching the Stinger again unless it gets a considerable buff.