Riot confirms that there won’t be a new Agent or Map in Act 2

Riot Games

Riot Games have confirmed that there won’t be a new Valorant Agent or new map in Episode 4 Act 2 in order to focus on other aspects of the popular FPS game. 

Since Valorant’s launch almost two years ago in June 2020, the Riot developers have stuck to a strict release pattern for new Agents and maps.

Traditionally, players have expected at least two new Agents and a new map with every Valorant Episode, with one of them arriving every Act.

However, Riot has recently revealed Episode 4 Act 2 will not have either, as the devs will look to focus on other aspects of the game.

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valorant neonRiot Games
Neon is the latest Agent to join the Valorant roster.

During a Riot dev diary released on January 27, Valorant’s executive producer Anna ‘SuperCakes‘ Donlon revealed that players won’t have a brand new map or Agent to play with in the next act.

“Every product team has a roadmap full of amazing content and features that will really push Valorant for years to come,” Anna explained. “Dreams like ours should be built on a super-strong foundation, and that is going to be the overall theme of Act 2. Strengthening that foundation.

“We’ll be dedicating that act to the overall health of our game. There will be no new Agent or new map in Act 2.”

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The executive dev continued, explaining what players should expect instead: “There will be lots and lots of updates that target agent balancing, existing maps promoting good player behavior and an even better-ranked experience. Sometimes you need to just take a minute. You need to take a look around and make sure things are the way they should be.”

Following the typical release schedule, Valorant’s Episode 4 Act 2 is set to kick off on March 1, 2022, and will be accompanied by the new Community battle pass.