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Riot confirm fix for “wallhack” Killjoy turret exploit in Valorant

Published: 19/Aug/2020 5:32

by Andrew Amos


Riot has confirmed Valorant Patch 1.06 will include a fix for a game-breaking Killjoy turret exploit on Split, allowing the German technician to place her turrets under the map, giving her a “wallhack.”

A new Killjoy exploit has been terrorizing Valorant players on Split. Just in case her turret’s existence wasn’t infuriating enough, there was a spot on the map that gave it a wallhack players could then play off.

The exploit was incredibly easy to reproduce. All you had to do was walk into Mail Room, walk into the corner closest to B Heaven, put your crosshair in the right place, and drop a turret. It would deploy under the map.

KillJoy’s Exploit on Split & How to Counter it from r/VALORANT

While it wasn’t instantly deployable at the round start, for defenders it would take less than a couple of seconds to set up. This means you could quickly spot a push from Market or Water down mid.

However, that wasn’t the only range of the turret. Its effect was practically global, and its power almost limitless. It wasn’t just defenders who could abuse it ⁠— attackers could use it after securing mid control to slow down rotates.

Killjoy’s turret won’t kill you instantly once it locks on. The progressive chip damage across the round though would definitely do the trick. You could be half-health by the time you start pushing a site because of it.

The only way you could stop it was by removing its line of sight with smokes or blinds, or finding a way to destroy it through Market. You could wallbang where it was firing back from to take it back down.

Thankfully the exploit is being fixed ⁠— on Split at least. “We have a fix for this on the map itself, [and it] should be going out with the next patch,” Valorant developer ‘rycou’ confirmed on Twitter on August 18.

However, this might only be a band aid solution. New exploits could pop up in different places on different maps if Killjoy mains can find new places to deploy turrets outside of the map. It’s unclear as to if Riot are looking into a more permanent fix, or if this glitch was an anomaly.

Valorant Patch 1.06 will be released on August 20.


Valorant dev explains why kills aren’t the most important for ranking up

Published: 5/Dec/2020 11:48

by Luke Edwards


A Valorant dev has explained how the game’s ranking up system means kills are far from being the only factor in determining player’s ranks.

As it’s an FPS, you’d expect kills to be the undisputed most important part of the game; after all, the more heads you click, the more games you win, right?

Well, not quite. While players ranked at Immortal 3 and above have their ranks based purely on whether they win or lose a game, at lower levels you can still improve your ELO rating whether you win or not. This is because your performance has an influence – and performance isn’t all about kills.

A Valorant dev has explained why your level of performance can mean so much more than how many kills you pick up.

Valorant Icebox B
Riot Games
In patch 1.11, which saw the introduction of Icebox, Riot adjusted the Combat Score system to factor in non-damaging assists.

Valorant dev explains why performance is not just kills

Valorant’s new Senior Competitive Designer EvrMoar explained how factors outside of kills impact players’ ranks.

“Performance isn’t just kills, it looks at things like assists, flashes, smokes, utility, entry fragging, etc. so players that play a supportive role also see performance % increases for playing utility,” they explained to players.

“Being the top killer doesn’t always mean you were the highest performer on your team.”

Riot Games
Duelists like Jett have more raw killing ability than utility-based agents like Cypher.

In Valorant specifically, this makes sense. While on games like CS:GO, where every player starts the game with access to the same tools, putting more weight on kills in determining a player’s rank works, this doesn’t quite copy over to Valorant.

For example, it’s harder to compare the performance of a Jett player to the performance of a Cypher player is performance is based purely on kills.

If both players are of equal ability, it’s likely the Jett will frag out more due to her kit allowing more way of outdueling enemies in raw damage. Meanwhile, the Cypher player is likely to get fewer kills as his kit is centered more on providing information and utility for his team.

This means at ranks below Immortal, where individual performance plays a bigger part in determining where players are ranked, a multi-factored performance calculator means agents with more utility than raw killing ability aren’t completely ignored.