Riot changes Valorant map selection process, but players still can’t pick

Ascent in ValorantRiot Games

Riot is changing the way Valorant maps are selected when you load into each game, but players still can’t pick individual maps to queue up for. The new process, called the “deterministic map system,” will reduce the amount of repeat maps players see.

Valorant’s map selection system has been a tug-of-war between Riot and players since the game’s launch.

Players have long called for a CS:GO-style system where they can choose what maps to queue up for. However, Riot has always knocked it back in the name of competitive integrity and queue times.

To find a better middleground, the developers released a new map selection process to try and reduce the amount of repeat maps. Called the “deterministic map system,” the goal “is to increase the variety of maps players will encounter.”

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After announcing the new process would be going live in just LATAM to start Valorant patch 4.04, the developers are pushing it globally on March 4.

Fracture in ValorantRiot Games
A new map selection system is now live in Valorant.

How does the “deterministic map system” work in Valorant?

The deterministic map system in Valorant follows three rules when picking a map after a full lobby is found.

First, it looks at all the maps players have played across the last five games in that game mode. Then, it’ll remove any map any player has played twice. From there, the system will then pick the least played map to do battle on.

There are a couple of exceptions to the rule though. If all maps have been removed due to the “twice played” rule, Riot will just ignore it and look at which map has played the least. Ties will be solved by just randomly selecting from the options available too.

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Bind Valorant mapRiot Games
Don’t like Bind? You shouldn’t have to see it more than twice in five games with Valorant’s new map selection system.

While it means you won’t get stuck on Icebox or Bind for five games in a row, Valorant players are still displeased at the fact they can’t select maps to queue up for.

However, the system is always a work in progress, with Riot keeping a keen eye on map diversity and queue times with the new process now live everywhere.