Riot announces Valorant’s 2023 VCT format: International leagues, new competitive in-game mode and more

Valorant 2021 Champions Tour graphicRiot Games/ Dexerto

Riot Games announced its plans for the 2023 Valorant Champions Tour circuit on April 28 which include three new international leagues played on LAN with teams selected by the developer, expanded domestic and Game Changers leagues and a new competitive in-game mode for aspiring players to go professional through.

Riot revealed its plans for the 2023 VCT circuit on Thursday, April 28, which include three new international leagues with organizations chosen by the company, expanded domestic and Game Changers leagues, and an in-game mode that will feed into those domestic competitions.

The three international leagues will have teams from the Americas, EMEA, and Asia. They will also compete on LAN in front of a live audience, barring health concerns. Riot will choose teams as “long-term partners,” with the developer going through a “selective application process” throughout 2022.

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The teams Riot chooses will become partnered teams and receive financial support from the company through an annual stipend and the “exclusive opportunity to collaborate on unique in-game activations and products.”

A pyramid representing the 2023 VCTG circuit Riot Games
The 2023 VCT circuit visualized.

Teams will also have the opportunity to “distribute esports branded content” that will let players “express their esports fandom both while watching and while playing.”

The teams competing in the three international leagues will also compete for slots at two international Masters tournaments and Valorant Champions, the year-end event crowing the world champion.

“With Valorant, we want to build today’s most thrilling esport alongside the most well-managed, ambitious, and exciting teams in the industry,” said Whalen Rozelle, Head of Esports Operations at Riot Games. “We have designed our long-term partnership model for VALORANT so teams can thrive and build their business alongside the overall growth of VALORANT Esports.

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“We are setting up our long-term partners for success by forgoing any entry or participation fees for selected organizations. Our aim is to free our partners to invest their resources in supporting their pros and growing their fanbases through creating incredible content for fans.”

What we know about the 2023 VCT domestic leagues and competitive mode

The 2022 VCT Iceland stageColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
The competitive Valorant circuit is changing once again.

The new competitive mode in the Valorant client will come in 2023 and will run alongside ranked. The top teams from the new mode will feed into the domestic leagues.

The domestic leagues will “expand opportunities for up-and-coming talent who aspire to reach elite international leagues.”

More details about these leagues, including their format or the countries included, has yet to be announced.

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