Riot adds hilarious Valorant easter egg to immortalize crashies’ Fracture zipline Ace

Valorant Fracture map next to OpTic crashiesRiot Games

Riot Games just added a hilarious new easter egg to the Fracture map in Valorant in order to remember the iconic Ace from then-OpTic crashies over BOOM Esports.

After a year of fighting to earn a spot at Valorant Champions, the ultimate tournament for the calendar year, every squad from around the globe was looking to put their best foot forward in the event. With a million dollar prize pool up for grabs, there was no time to mess around.

Though even with the stakes as high as they could possibly be, we were still witness to a number of iconic highlights as one team got the better of their opponents. Arguably the most memorable of them all, however, came from crashies on the side of OpTic during the Group Stage.

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Early on the tournament, OpTic locked horns with Indonesian roster BOOM Esports. While expectations were low, the series went all the way to a third map. Though the Green Wall made a statement in this final round, dominating their way to a win on Fracture.

During this otherwise innocuous match, one moment in particular shifted momentum and all but locked in the win for OpTic. It was in round 11 where the tides turned due to a crucial misplay from BOOM that was read all too easily by crashies.

Just seconds into the round, all five members of the Indonesian squad rushed to the zipline hanging under the map. Before they could touch the ground on the other side, however, crashies was there waiting for them.

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One by one he mowed them all down in what he joked was “the best Ace of [his] career.” In the blink of an eye, they all lined up for him in perhaps the most effortless team kill possible in Valorant. None were able to fire back and none could move from their trajectory on the zipline.

It was a hilarious moment at the time and now, it’s been formally etched into the history books as Riot has made light of the Ace in a new easter egg on the map. A “safety reminder” has been added near the Defender side spawn in effort to warn others of “the rope incident,” as Tarik coined it at the time.

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Valorant Fracture gameplayReddit: tron3747 / Riot Games
The new easter egg on Fracture serves a constant reminder of the crashies Ace.

“After a recent tragedy resulting in the fatality of five of our Everett-Linde personnel, we are taking a moment to remind everyone that ziplines are for SINGLE RIDERS ONLY. Your safety is our top priority, but in order to ensure it, safety regulations must be adhered to.”

Hopefully, with this message in plain view, no teams recreate the heartbreaking moment on the side of BOOM Esports.