PRX coach Alecks: “ZETA DIVISION destroyed our gameplan!” | VCT Masters Press Conference

Paper rex valorant coach alecks next to speech bubbleDexerto / Riot Games


Paper Rex is now out of VCT Masters Reykjavik, finishing fourth after a tight loss to Japan’s ZETA DIVISION. The SEA side said their regional counterparts picked them apart in the loss, putting an end to their fairytale run.

Paper Rex came out swinging in their do-or-die bout against ZETA DIVISION at VCT Masters Reykjavik, taking the Japanese side’s map pick of Icebox 13-6. With break point though, Paper Rex stumbled, getting thumped on Haven 2-13 before running out of gas on Split, falling 10-13.

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After their departure, Paper Rex’s members sat down to talk about exceeding their own expectations in Iceland, and how their journey ran its course.

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