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Five players to watch at VCT Stage 2 Masters Iceland

Published: 25/May/2021 15:00 Updated: 1/Jun/2021 20:49

by Andrew Amos



The 10 best Valorant teams across the world will finally duke it out to decide who is the best region of them all. Can’t decide who to watch from the various corners of the globe? We’ve got you covered with five players you should keep your eyes on.

Finally, international Valorant gameplay. The VCT Stage 2 Masters Iceland event will give pundits the chance to see who is truly the best region of them all.

With the world’s best from all corners of the globe colliding in Reykjavik, it can be a bit overwhelming to know who to follow, especially if you only follow one region.


However, we’ve got you covered with a list of players you should definitely be paying attention to at VCT Stage 2 Masters Iceland right here. Confident enough in your own picks? Put your money where your mouth with the freeroll on Thrive.

Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett (Fnatic)

(ThriveFantasy Prop ⁠— 65.5 total kills and deaths: Over = 95 points, Under = 105 points)

Boaster Fnatic Valorant
Boaster is the brains behind Fnatic’s sharp rise in European Valorant.

Behind every great team, there’s a leader moving his infantry like chess pieces. Fnatic’s Boaster is one of the best in doing just that. The IGL is an unsung hero of a roster fresh off a rebuild, and leads a lethal one-two punch in Nikita ‘Derke’ Sirmitev and Domagoj ‘doma’ Fancev into battle.


The flex player isn’t too shabby himself either. He’s got a wide base of Agents, having played 10 in professional play. From Sova to Brimstone, Astra to Reyna, if Fnatic needs to pull out a niche comp, you can rely on Boaster.

That means you can rely on him too to comfortably make the +65.5 kills and deaths prop on Thrive. If Fnatic’s series against KRU Esports goes to three, it’s practically guaranteed. However, even if it’s only a two-mapper, you should have faith in Boaster’s ability to reliably tick over the stats.

Park ‘allow’ Sang-wook (NUTURN Gaming)

(ThriveFantasy Prop ⁠— 27.5 kills: Over = 80 points, Under = 120 points)


Allow NUTURN Valorant
Riot Games
Allow is the quiet achiever of NUTURN.

Allow is the oft-overlooked star of Korea’s NUTURN Gaming. While Kim ‘Lakia’ Jong-min and Seo ‘Suggest’ Jae-young may take the headlines for their explosive play while on more supportive Agents, Allow is no slouch in capitalizing on chances.

The Jett specialist finished the VCT Stage 2 Korea finals with NUTURN’s highest ACS of 267.3, coming in at a very respectable 1.37 KDA. This may seem expected for a duelist player, but given NUTURN’s style where the Jett player isn’t the crowning jewel, it’s a very good performance.

He’s a very reliable fragger, and that’s exactly what you want in a fantasy team. If you take Allow for the +27.5 kills against Sharks, you’ll easily get your money’s worth.


Roberto ‘Mazino’ Rivas (KRU Esports)

(ThriveFantasy Prop ⁠— 36.5 kills: Over = 90 points, Under = 110 points)

Mazino KRU Esports Valorant
Twitter: Valorant LATAM
Mazino is the most dynamic player in Latin America.

Mazino is much like Boaster from Fnatic, which makes the fact we get to see the two insanely flexible stars open up the bidding in Iceland just that bit more exciting. Hailing from Latin America, there’s not a lot of eyes on Mazino and his KRU Esports roster, and that’s how they’ll catch teams off-guard.

Mazino plays anything from Viper to Phoenix, taking on a flex role. He can entry, he can play passively ⁠— his dynamic style leaves opponents guessing. Against Fnatic, with his 1.23 KD and 0.79 KPR, he should be able to make the 36.5 kills mark on Thrive, especially if he pulls out the Phoenix.


Byeon ‘Munchkin’ Sang-beom (Crazy Raccoon)

(ThriveFantasy Prop ⁠— 41.5 kills: Over = 100 points, Under = 100 points)

Munchkin Crazy Raccoon Valorant
Riot Games
Munchkin played in First Strike Korea before jumping to Japanese squad Crazy Raccoon for 2021.

Munchkin is the best player in Japanese Valorant right now, with the former Korean Overwatch star making a name for himself while playing across the ditch. Having cut his teeth on Cloud9 Korea, he’s found a new home on Crazy Raccoon, leading the squad to a huge upset over Absolute JUPITER in the Challengers Final.

He had the highest ACS by a long shot ⁠— 264.9 while playing Raze and Skye ⁠— and the third-highest kill count with 228. That’s something you need to consider when picking him as your Thrive prop. At 41.5 kills, he should pretty easily make it over that mark against Version1. Munchkin frags hard, and the North American hopefuls should fear him.

Erik ‘penny’ Penny (Version1)

(ThriveFantasy Prop ⁠— 40.5 deaths: Over = 105 points, Under = 95 points)

Penny Version1 Valorant
Instagram: Version1
If Version1 want to find Iceland success, they’ll need penny to step up.

Speaking of those hopefuls, penny will be the main force trying to stop Munchkin and Crazy Raccoon from rattling their pride. Version1 are coming into VCT Stage 2 Masters Iceland with a substitute, and that could drastically affect their performance.

It really brings into question whether they’ll be able to keep up with the Japanese squad. If penny has what it takes, and can pop off on Jett like he did in Challengers NA, he will drag Version1 over the line in a tight series. If it goes to three, then you can definitely expect him to make overs on his 40.5 death prop margin.

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