Oxygen spoil yay’s debut on promising Disguised roster

yay as a Disguised stick figureDisguised Toast

Oxygen Esports took their first win of the second split of the North American Challengers league against Disguised 2-0 as Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker made his debut for the content creator-ran esports organization.

Disguised had a much-hyped first match in the second split of the NA Challengers league as yay made his return to professional play. The match drew in many viewers as fans watched from Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang and Tarik “tarik” Celik’s co-streams and the main Knight Arena broadcast with as many as 116,000 peak viewers tuning into the series across the many streams.

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Disguised did not get off to a hot start on the first map, Haven, as Oxygen led the entire time and won 13-6. On Map 2, Pearl, Disguised kept the match much closer as it went to overtime but Oxygen pulled out the win 15-13.

Disguised came in with new roles for some of its members as Joseph ‘clear’ Allen moved over to Controller from Duelist and yay took over Jett duties for the team. Disguised’s other pick up, Michael ‘nerve’ Yerrow took up Sentinels for the squad.

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Meanwhile, Oxygen Esports had some changes of their own with Rustun ‘Rustun’ Lusk, the team’s assistant coach, subbed in for the match and played the Sentinel role.

yay debuts for Disguised Valorant team

yay ended the series with 173 ACS, a Kill/Death ratio of 28/26 and a 28% headshot rate. This certainly isn’t a bad scoreline, but compared to the high expectations set for his return to pro play, it wasn’t the breakout performance fans of his OpTic glory days were hoping for.

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This was yay’s first professional Valorant match since February 18, 2023, as he was dropped from Cloud9 later on in the month before VCT Americas competition.

Due to VCT rosters locking in after March, and many teams already having their lineups set, yay was without a home for about two months. Disguised and yay will have a chance at getting their first win in the NA Challengers league on April 27 as they take on Shopify Rebellion.

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