Omen re-enabled in Valorant after Riot patch game-breaking exploits

Omen in Valorant holding Sheriff in Bind CT spawnRiot Games

September 3 (7pm PT) update: Omen is slowly being re-enabled across all regions.

“We have a fix for Omen and a few other bugs. Over the course of today we’ll be rolling out the hotfix patch and enabling Omen,” Riot told players on Twitter.

Earlier: After trying to patch and fix Omen and failing, Riot have been forced to disable the Valorant agent for the foreseeable future. It comes after two game-breaking exploits were discovered allowing Omen to get invincibility and teleport past the spawn barriers.

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Since Valorant Patch 1.07 dropped, Omen has been pretty broken. The controller agent had two game-breaking exploits players were abusing, and there was almost no counter.

One allowed Omen to teleport through the spawn barriers before the start of a round on Bind A site. It could be easily reproduced, meaning Omen players only had to spend 100 Creds to get a huge advantage on their enemies.

The second allowed Omen to become invincible if players used his ultimate at the perfect time near the end of a round. If they managed to pull it off, Omen could no longer be damaged for not just one round, but the entire game.

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Riot thought they had it covered, announcing hours earlier on September 2 that they were deploying a hotfix to fix the exploits.

“We’re deploying a hotfix to Patch 1.07 regions (NA / Brazil / Latin America) for the Omen teleporting-through-barriers bug,” they said on Twitter. “[We also] fixed the immortal Omen bug last night.”

However, it appears the problem was bigger than Riot thought. While they managed to somewhat squash the spawn barrier bug after discovering agents like Sage could also abuse it, they found more problems plaguing the agent specifically.

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Riot have now taken the drastic step of disabling Omen until the issues are fixed.

“What we thought was a map bug for Omen teleporting past the spawn barriers is actually an issue with Omen [not with the maps], so we’re disabling him until we have a real fix,” Valorant devs told players later that night.

This means Omen will no longer be available in all matchmade modes ⁠— Unrated, Competitive, and Spike Rush ⁠— until the exploits are fixed.

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Riot apologized for the disruptions, giving players a rough timeline of 24 hours for the update.

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