NRG Valorant star under fire for “implying” LOUD had scrim VODs at VCT LOCK//IN

NRG Esports ValorantLance Skundrich/Riot Games

NRG Esports star Ardis ‘ardiis’ Svarenieks has come under fire for implying in a live stream that a Brazilian team his squad practiced against during VCT LOCK//IN shared practice footage with tournament opponents LOUD.

TBK Esports player Leon ‘ryotzz’ Felipe tweeted a clip of ardiis’ live stream that showed the NRG Esports player saying he saw ryottz “chilling” with LOUD right after NRG scrimmed his team.

The former FunPlus Phoenix player went on to say there was a chance ryottz showed LOUD the practice footage ahead of their VCT LOCK//IN matchup against NRG.

“Hey, ardiis, I don’t know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish here, not sure if you’re trying to farm some impressions by accusing or implying that I’d be unethical to the point where I’d leak the scrim VODs to another team,” ryotzz said.

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NRG Valorant player under fire on Twitter

NRG Esports and LOUD faced off at VCT LOCK//IN in the third round, with the Brazilian team coming out on top 2-1. The matchup had some history attached to it as the core of NRG and LOUD had faced each other multiple times in 2022.

“Listen, I’m not saying that they did it,” ardiis said about TBK and ryotzz in the clip. “We saw that and I was like, ‘there’s no way bro. There’s no way that happened.'”

ryotzz said in the resulting thread about the situation that he is a professional and would not jeopardize his career by leaking practice videos to an opposing team.

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“I’m pretty sure LOUD doesn’t need something like that to win, so I’m really having a hard time trying to understand what the f*** you’re trying to imply,” ryotzz said. “Don’t be a sore loser, you can be better as a professional and as a person.”

ardiis has yet to respond to the allegations put forward by the Brazilian player. At the time of writing, the tweet has racked up almost 300 quote tweets and 4,000 likes.