Ninja and ScreaM reveal their pick for Valorant’s most overpowered agent

Ninja next to Jett from ValorantRiot Games/Twitch: ninja

Popular streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and retired CS:GO professional Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom have agreed that Jett is the most overpowered Valorant agent in the game’s current build, even describing her as a “nightmare”.

When it comes to a tactical shooter like Riot Games’ Valorant, one of the most important aspects of competitive play is the balancing of each agent. There are stark similarities to Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege; a slower, tactical FPS that revolves around the unique equipment and abilities of each character.

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However, while RSS has had nearly 5 years to iron out imbalances, Valorant is still in its first few months post-launch.

Some have argued that the game has struggled to offer a balanced outlook among agents and, with new updates, come newly powerful agents.

Valorant AgentsRiot Games
Valorant’s agent pool is diverse and creative. But is it balanced?

Sage and Cypher dominated the beta and earliest portions of Valorant, but both Ninja and ScreaM are in agreement that a new agent rules the roost.

On August 16 Ninja, who has been spending increasing amounts of time on Valorant as he finds a new streaming home, tweeted that Jett is currently the best agent in the game, by some margin.

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“Jett is the most OP agent at a high level in Valorant right now,” he tweeted, “and it’s not even close.” His views were echoed by many, including Team Liquid’s ScreaM, who hung up his CS:GO boots in order to pursue Valorant. He said: “Jett’s ultimate is my new nightmare for sure.”

It’s important to remember that both men are referring to “high level” Valorant – in essence, competitive and professional play. Different agents assume different positions in casual and professional Valorant, with Jett being particularly strong in top tier gameplay.

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Her agility and movement make her the formidable agent she is, with her Blade Storm Ultimate compounding her aggressive character. What makes the ultimate even stronger is the fact she can switch back and forth between weapons and throwing knives without it canceling.

Whether she receives a nerf in the near future remains to be seen, but there are some at the top level of Valorant, namely Ninja and ScreaM, who clearly believe that she is currently too strong.

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