New Valorant Yoru Fakeout glitch is “destroying” players’ eardrums

Valorant Yoru glitchRiot Games

A new bug in Valorant episode six is causing major issues for Yoru’s Fakeout ability, with the Valorant community posting how the new glitch is affecting entire lobbies when playing matches online.

Valorant episode six has brought with it a few new in-game bugs and problems that players have already begun picking up on. One that seems to be getting the most attention is a new problem with Yoru’s Fakeout decoy.

Posts about the new Yoru glitch have begun to appear across Reddit, with users including clips of the bug as well as expressing their frustration at the new development in the comments section of the post. In essence, when Yoru triggers his Fakeout decoy, the ability completely bugs out. 

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Yoru glitches out completely, slowly disintegrating in a rectangular-looking polygon that pushes through walls and other solid in-game obstacles. As well as this physical issue, the bug also shoots off a new high-pitched sound, one that resembles a scream or that of a computer error. 

This audio is heard by the whole game and one that sticks around and lingers for longer than the initial instance. Across Reddit, players are posting clips of the bug, many calling on the devs to fix the issue as soon as possible given the game-breaking nature of the bug.

One Reddit user wrote how “This bug also dropped everyone’s fps to like 30 when this was happening.” Another Reddit user chimed in, venting their frustration on how Valorant as a whole is supposedly filled with glitches.

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“The game is currently riddled with a lot of bugs, my friends tell me im just crazy but I have seen from huge icons floating in the middle of the map to barriers (the ones before the round starts) not going off and holding people mid-air if they cross them, I don’t know what they did but the game is bonkers sometimes.”

Given how much the bug is affecting gameplay, it is likely that the devs will be looking to patch this Valorant Yoru glitch up as soon as possible. For all the latest Valorant news, updates, and guides, be sure to check out Dexerto’s full coverage here.

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