New Valorant agent Neon’s exploits are already breaking the game

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Just days after being officially announced, the latest Valorant agent Neon is already breaking the game thanks to exploits of her already powerful abilities. However, some of them have thankfully already been fixed.

Neon was officially revealed on January 7, and it hasn’t taken players testing the newest Valorant agent on the PBE very long to break how the game works using her kit.

She’s undeniably the fastest agent in the game, but an exploit shared on January 8 cranks her speed up to 11, and basically makes her unstoppable.

Neon’s “SpaceX peek”

On January 8 Team Liquid streamer AverageJonas posted a clip of a new move he called the “SpaceX peek.” Why is it named that you ask? Well, it might have something to do with Neon shooting off like a rocket.

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To start, Sage summons her wall, then Jonas activates Neon’s sprint ability on top of the barrier. After hitting the wall she accelerates much faster than any Valorant agent should be able to and makes quick work of the enemy Viper and Sage.

When you see it from the poor Viper’s point of view, there’s no doubt nothing at all could be done, unless you have godlike reflexes. Thankfully though, this specific exploit has been patched out of the game and won’t make it to live servers, according to developer Ryan ‘rycoux’ Cousart.

It’s not just exploits though, her regular sprint is causing a stir too as it pretty much lets her track down any other hero in the game.

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In the above clip from maiandy on the Valorant subreddit, Neon is able to chase down an ulting Yoru using her signature ability without breaking a sweat. Not only that, but she’s able to draw her weapon and fire before her opponent can react at all.

Clips from Neon playtests are being shared all over social media after the agent was made available to try out on the PBE. That means this could just be the tip of the iceberg for what she’s capable of, and we’ll only see even more outrageous plays as time goes on.

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