Nadeshot brings Valorant streamer to tears after gifting him 150 Twitch subs

nadeshot full cam in Twitch stream with Valorant logo in cornerTwitch: Nadeshot/Riot Games

100 Thieves founder and CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag reduced one of his Valorant teammates to tears after gifting them 100 Twitch subs as an 18th birthday gift after they played together.

Once the face of Call of Duty esports, Nadeshot has become one of the most famous names in the entire industry, creating the 100 Thieves organization which has won trophies and seen success in every game they’ve touched.

That includes Valorant, where 100 Thieves have been considered one of the best teams in North America at times, if not the world. Nade himself has started regularly streaming the Riot Games FPS and become a fan of the game — and decided to give back to the community.

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When one of his teammates asked if they could shout their Twitch channel out, Nade went one further and gifted them 150 subscriptions too, at a cost of around $750 — and they couldn’t contain their emotions.

“Hold on a second,” the small streamer, CallumSn1pes, said. “This man just gifted 50… Nadeshot, I f**king love you, man. I’m gonna f**king cry.”

After Nade said happy birthday, he was clearly very touched by his teammate’s reaction, saying how “awesome” it is, saying “damn, my heart” as the moment clearly tugged at his emotions.

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Nadeshot then dropped another 100 gifted, and then the waterworks really did start, as the streamer said “Nadeshot… Shut the f**k up, this must be fake. I’m dreaming.”

As it turns out, Callum definitely wasn’t dreaming, and Nadeshot might have just helped kickstart his streaming career to really make something of it.

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