Valorant ‘Wayfinder’ Prime Gaming skin could be a League of Legends crossover

valorant neon and league of legends lol zeriRiot Games

Valorant Episode 4, Act 1 makes doesn’t just add new Agent Neon to the game; it’s also accompanied by the mysterious Wayfinder Shorty skin, which could even tie in as a bit of a League of Legends crossover. According to dataminers, this will be the next Prime Gaming reward.

Valorant Episode 4, Act 1 is set to kick off the next chapter of the Future Earth saga in style by adding highly anticipated Filipino Duelist Neon to the game, alongside a new battle pass and the insane Protocol skins.

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While taking the speedy new agent for a spin on Riot Games‘ test server, however, we noticed that there’s a Shorty skin in the game’s skin inventory that doesn’t belong to either the battle pass, or Neon’s contract.

This is Valorant’s Wayfinder Shorty, supposedly as a Prime Gaming reward and possibly hints at a bit of a League of Legends crossover.

league of legends new champion zeriRiot Games
Parallels have been drawn between new LoL ADC, Zeri and Neon, so will we see a Zeri-themed skin in Valorant?

Wayfinder Shorty skin

Decked out in a sleek black paint job with golden inlays and silver markings, the Wayfinder Shorty is quite the sight to behold. But does it’s unique pattern indicate some League of Legends buzz coming to Valorant?

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It’s apparently due to release as a Prime Gaming skin, according to dataminer floxayy. Riot have confirmed that 2022’s Prime drops will include two weapon skins, so this may be the upcoming reward for January.

But does the skin itself hold any significance? One option could be a teaser for the next map. Riot’s pattern for Valorant is usually two Agents then a map, and since we’ve had Chamber and Neon, a new map seems more likely.

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valorant wayfinder shorty gun skinRiot Games, Dexerto
The Wayfinder Shorty is a pretty gorgeous skin, but why is it in the game?

Or, this Wayfinder skin could herald a League of Legends crossover, especially considering the similarities between new Champion, Zeri, and Neon. Zeri’s splash art is decked out in a similar color scheme to what we see on the skin, as well as the decals on the side almost looking like ability icons.

This wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve seen League of Legends-inspired skins appear in Valorant, with LoL’s Sentinels of Light event gifting players some eerie-looking new cosmetics, and the release of Arcane dropping some Jinx-themed goodies.

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With some clear resemblances between Neon and Zeri, we’ll just have to wait and see what this skin turns out to be. Until then, though, let your imaginations run wild – we certainly have!

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