Why Mixwell’s G2 will dominate EU at Valorant Champions Tour

. 1 year ago
Mixwell Masterclass Valorant Champions Tour

Oscar ‘mixwell’ Cañellas Colocho’s G2 Esports is surely set to dominate at EU’s Valorant Champions Tour. Here’s why the team will likely grab the win.

At the Challengers leg of the Valorant Champions Tour, G2 are set to steamroll their way through the European tournament. It’s certainly time for Mixwell and his teammates to shine after a poor First Strike Europe run.

With a roster full of firepower, it’s hard to believe anyone can topple the EU giants. There’s a chance that history may repeat itself, however, as it wouldn’t be the first time Heretics have haunted G2.

A lot has changed since then, though, and the main alteration is Aleksander ‘zeek’ Zygmunt. The former Nolpenki frontman has shown off his fragging skills during Red Bull Home Ground, where an impressive set of series left him with one of the highest K/D ratios of the entire event.

You can’t forget that G2 won eight tournaments, though. Ardis ‘ardiis’ Svarenieks remains precisely the weapon of choice for this behemoth of a team, and if the Sova main can is on his A-game, the team will undoubtedly be able to continue to bring home the trophy.

If anyone will be able to take down Mixwell’s star roster, Valorant Champions Tour will redefine the competitive landscape going forward into 2021.

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