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Liquid ScreaM explains why Valorant is “so easy for everyone” right now

Published: 1/Feb/2021 23:59

by Alan Bernal


Team Liquid star Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom thinks Valorant is a quality product from Riot Games, but he can’t ignore the inefficiencies within the game that hurts it’s label as a ‘tactical shooter.’

When most people put Valorant under the lens, comparisons routinely gravitate to Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, of which many pros like ScreaM have migrated over from.

But the two games are different. As much as Riot’s game has borrowed from CS:GO, and vice-versa post Valorant launch, there’s people that want to see the two at their best while still keeping their individual identities intact.


This is what much of the conversation is revolving around as ScreaM described Valorant as being “so easy for everyone,” considering the leniency that the game has in a few regards.

“I wish shooting mattered a bit more in Valorant, these slow movements, the tagging and aimpunch is crazy and makes the game so easy for everyone,” ScreaM said, highlighting some of the worst parts in the game.

Much of his points have been particularly hotbeds of conversation within the Valorant community, splitting people between refining the game as much as they can but also not having it be a complete rip off of CSGO’s formula.


But it doesn’t have to go so far, Scream thinks that “with a few changes [Valorant] could be perfect, honestly, and way more skilled” than it is today.

The discourse around aimpunch has particularly set people off, with some regarding the mechanic as an ‘anti-skill feature,’ noting how CS:GO punishes people without armor the most.

Riot Games
There’s a few things ScreaM wants polished to make Valorant even better.

Along with the tagging effects from getting shot, ScreaM thinks that Valorant’s mechanics make the game too easy for people and is hoping that the studio makes changes to it soon.

Most people are hopeful that Riot are slowly inching to a solid, all-around formula in Valorant that takes care of these issues, but a lot are hesitant that it would make it too close to CSGO.


In either case, Valorant is looking to extend its successful streak in 2021, and Riot are sure to implement a ton of feedback into their title as they continue to refine it.