Kyedae calls for empathy after TenZ poor performance in VCT Americas match

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Kyedae ‘Kyedae’ Shymko has called for fans online to show empathy towards her fiancé and Sentinels VCT Americas player Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo after fans took to Twitter to bash him for his poor performance in the League.

Sentinels have not gotten off to a great starts in VCT Americas, and much of the criticism has been pointed toward TenZ. The 2021 Masters Reykjavík champion has not put up the best performances in his team’s first three matches, and recently revealed that he is dealing with a finger injury.

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The pro’s fiancée, 100 Thieves content creator Kyedae, took to Twitter to ask fans to show empathy for TenZ as he plays through his injury and deals with her cancer treatment. She posted the definition of empathy and gave a statement from her perspective.

“Please be understanding. Tyson HAD to play. I’m sure if he had the choice, he would have sat out… He’s only human,” she said. “And I know I’m going to get attacked in the comments for this tweet. I do not care. I just feel constantly hopeless for the situation I’m in and if I could, I would have hid the fact that I have cancer from everyone as well as himself so he could continue to focus fully.”

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Kyedae calls for empathy after poor VCT performance from TenZ

Kyedae went on to say that TenZ has never claimed to be the best player in Valorant and that he is “the most humble person I know.”

The barrage of hate towards TenZ started in full force after Sentinels lost 2-1 to Leviatán in their VCT Americas matchup, which put the squad’s record at 1-2.

After the match, the news about TenZ’s finger injury came to light, along with the fact that Sentinels’ substitute player Jimmy ‘Marved’ Nguyen would not be able to relieve him of starting duties as his Visa has yet to come.

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Sentinels also made a significant coaching change after the match as well, with the esports organization’s CEO announcing that head coach Donald ‘SyykoNT’ Muir had been let go and replaced by assistant coach Adam ‘kaplan’ Kaplan.

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